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Generally, 90% of the whole number of population has spine imbalance or different height of pelvis, but most chairs’ left and right sides are horizontally made. When people sit on the chair, the pressure for left and right hips should be equally distributed 50:50, but it is not possible. This is why the degenerative diseases are increasing these days, even though many new chairs are continuously being invented. Therefore, the chair which moves from left to right side are needed in order to correct the imbalance of spine and pelvis.

This is an example. This is the person who has the right pelvis height 3cm shorter than the other one. The left image is when people sit on the horizontal chair, and we could confirm that as time goes by, the height of pelvis is inclining to the shorter side. However, when we could control the height of the chair, the pelvis could keep in right position horizontally. Based on designed algorithm with this data, the our technology has been developed.

This technology development helps students or office workers who sit for a long time correct their pelvis balance automatically, so relieves them from backache due to the difference between left and right side, ligament tension near pelvis, pelvic pain, thigh muscle rigidity and neck pain which can be happened when sitting the wrong way for a long time, and at the same time, it can lead people to sit in a good position which lowers the possibility of spinal diseases, so people can feel comfortable with this personalized functional chairs.

An schematic diagram for interworking between functional chairs and App