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Why1 “Development validity of personalized functional chairs”

1. The absence of personalized functional chairs
The difference of individual comfort according to existing functional chairs' standardized product structure
No chairs with function to adjust the height of pelvis and individual spine form
No chairs with function to lead right position without waist pressure when taking a seat for a long time.
2. Change of paradigm with active artificial-intelligent functional chairs
From the passive functional chairs where users have to adapt their bodies to the chair, the needs has been changed to develop functional chairs which check, adapt, monitor users’ condition
The active health-care functional chair industry is improving with the advance in IT technology
3. The increasing awareness of customers in importance of chair
The value of function chairs has been increased according to the well-being trend
With culture of living in idleness, customers prefer functional chairs for correcting positions, and disease prevention.
The increase number of customers who support growing youth and test-takers
The increase number of customers aged 30-40 who care about their health and invest money in their health

Why2 “Chair technology development Trend ”

Why3 “Chair technology development Trend ”

Even though products such as standing desk were released and got popular when the negative recognition of chair had been spread out, it is the reality that importance of chair development has been increased again these days, as there are many researches coming up which say that standing up for a long time can cause various diseases.