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Competitiveness in exports

  • Increasing recognition in chair importance globally,
    especially in Europe
  • Prefer functional chairs as a welfare level in company ( IT )
  • Have technological discrimination through
    medical and scientific proofs
  • Is designated as an export item
    as a niche market of KORTA
  • Prefer products ‘Made in korea’
  • Global sales network of strategic partnership
  • In a situation where only some rising companies monopolize the market,
    middle-high price Korean chairs would be competitive in quality and price

import and exports condition of chair

(Unit : a hundred million)
연도 수출금액 수입금액
2013 518.2 856.2
2014 489.0 989.3
2015 516.2 1,049.9

Source : import and exports statistics from Korean Customs Service

Convergence and integration Marketing strategy